Clubs and Organizations

Notre Dame Preparatory School Clubs and Organizations

Action for Africa:
This club is an organization where its members donate their time to raise funds for the invisible children of Africa.
Meetings: Periodically. Moderator: Ms. Amy Preiss

Campus Ministry
PEER MINISTRY: Because students play a vital role in the faith formation of their peers, it is necessary that we provide the opportunity to our students to minister to each other.

Champions for Life:  
The mission of this club is “defending and celebrating the sanctity and dignity of all life from womb to tomb.”  The club’s goal is to instill in students a respect for all life: the unborn, disabled, and elderly.
Meetings: Tuesday. Moderator: Mrs. Mary Jane Williams

Chinese Honor Society:
The Chinese Honor Society will bring Chinese to NDP through various activities inside and outside of school.
Meetings: Tuesday. Moderator: Mrs. Joanne Liu

Computer Club:
The Computer Club is open to students who are interested in technology. The club participates in activities in computer-aided design, coding, cybersecurity, technical support, 3D printing, eSports, unmanned aircraft systems, community workshops, Internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, and a variety of hardware and software. The goal of the club is to explore, learn, and have fun with the world of technology.
Moderator: Mrs. Katrina Palushaj and Mr. Eden Konja

Creative Writing Club:  
The Creative Writing Club is composed of a group of students who are interested in expressing themselves and their ideas through writing.
Meetings: Friday. Moderator: Mr. Anthony Butorac

Debate is a student group that engages in several debate competitions.
Meetings: Thursday. Moderator: Ms. LeAnne Schmidt, Ms. Julie Carman

Environmental Club:  
The Environmental Club is designed to raise awareness among the student body about the small differences that we can make in their everyday lives to better conserve the earth’s resources.
Meetings: Monday. Moderator: Ms. Michelle Garcia

F.I.R.S.T. Robotics:  
The Killer Bees sponsored by Chrysler LLC, inspire students to become future leaders in science and technology through building and competing with a robot.
Meetings: Monday. Moderator: Ms. Sue McGinnis

Leadership Council:
This organization is comprised of the presidents of each of Notre Dame Prep’s clubs. This group meets once each phase to discuss club events, issues, and conduct leadership training.
Meetings: Once a phase. Moderator: Mr. Nick Kator

Model United Nations Club:  
This student organization simulates the United Nations through discussing and debating global issues such as international conflict and environmental issues.
Moderator: David Osiecki

Multicultural Alliance:  
The Multicultural Alliance will include discussions of diversity and cultural awareness for NDP students.  This club will also seek to put on cultural awareness events throughout the school year.
Moderator: Kayla Parker

National Honor Society:
Students are invited to join their sophomore, junior, and senior years if they meet the criteria for leadership, service, and character, and have at least a 3.75 grade point average.
Meetings: First Tuesday of the month. Moderator: Mrs. Michelle Pittel, Mr. Kyle Lilek

The Leprechaun in Notre Dame Prep’s student newspaper. Students write, edit, and publish the newspaper monthly during the school year.
Meetings: Periodically. Moderator: Ms. Megan Rochon

OCCRA Robotics:
Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association builds and competes with robots in tournaments.
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday. Moderator: Ms. Sue McGinnis

Optimist Club:
The mission of the Optimist Club is to foster an Optimist way of life for the improvement of individuals and society.
Meetings: Thursday. Moderators: Ms. Shari Phillips, Ms. Amy Preiss

The mission of SADD is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with issues of underage alcohol use, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.
Meetings: Wednesday. Moderator: Gretchen Glick

Ski Club:
The Ski and Snowboarding Club is open to all three divisions of Notre Dame Marist Academy. Ski events are open to students, parents, faculty, and family members over 7.
Skiiing: Wednesday 4-7pm (weather permitting). Moderators: Angela Kayi

Spanish Honor Society:  
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is comprised of Spanish students who are in their second year of Spanish or higher and have maintained a B+ or better in their Spanish classes. Each month a variety of activities are offered for members.
Moderator: Ms. Lauren Raleigh

Student Council:
The NDP Student Council provides students with the opportunity to develop life’s essential leadership skills. StuCo represents the entire student body and works to create a healthy and constructive social culture at ND through developing and putting-on student events.
Meetings: Wednesday. Moderator: Mr. Nick Kator

Varsity Club:  
The Varsity Club is a volunteer student group with members who have earned Varsity Letters. The club sponsors athletic events and activities for the entire student body.
Meetings: Monthly. Moderator: Ms. Betty Wroubel